Aykal Kalıp | Anasayfa



Our company was established in 1996. And it continues its activities with its 35 years of experience in sheet metal and metal molds since that day.

In the first years of its establishment, it entered the Turkish Arms Industry as the first company that made the mold and mass production of Shotguns, Air Rifles, Sports Weapons, metal sheet parts of domestic and foreign pistols.

What is the Importance of R & D in Mold Production?

It has the importance it attaches to R&D studies and technology and the studies it continues in this direction.

Where Are We in the Field of Design?

We have many colleges and universities that train competent staff in design.

What is Required for a Successful R&D?

Gaining a new dimension with the necessary analysis and tests of our R&D department in 1100 - 770 - 660 Liter garbage containers